Listing An Item

If you’re new to Austin County Buy And Sell or find it a bit confusing, here is a step by step guide to help you list an item.  We also cover this same topic in our video tutorial section.

Step 1:  Click on the white “Post an Ad” button in the blue line at the top of the website right below the “Buy it!  Sell it! Trade it!” banner to the right of the page. (click picture for larger view)

Step 1 - Click the Post An Ad Button

Step 2:  Select your category (click picture for larger view)

Step 2 - Select Your Category

Step 3:  Once you have selected your category, click the “Go” Button (click picture for larger view)

Step 3 - Then Select Go

Step 4:  Fill in the Appropriate boxes; (click picture for larger view)

  1. Title – This is what you want the title of your item to be displayed as.
  2. Price – Only use this box if you’re actually selling something.  If you are simply announcing or looking for something then you can simply write “Free” in the box.
  3. Street – This is so people can find you to pick up an item, etc.  (If you are uncomfortable with filling this box in, you can leave it blank.)
  4. City – We highly recommend that you fill this box in because it will allow buyers to see how far away the item is from them and could play a factor in the purchase or use of the service.
  5. State – Defaults to Texas.
  6. Zip/Postal Code – Your Zip Code
  7. Description –   This box works very similar to typing in a word processing program.  If you look, there are place to bold, and underline put in bullets, center, right or left justify, etc.  This is the place where you really need to do the best you can to describe not only the item or service but go into as much description as you can.  Remember, this is where you’re really selling something to someone else!

Step 4 - Fill In Your Information

Step 5:  Images – This is the part that can be a little tricky for those who are not familiar with using the computer/internet.  (click picture for larger view) NOTE:  If you find this part too confusing, then you should probably watch the video tutorial of how to post an ad located on youtube HERE

  1. Click the “Add Image” Button.
  2. A window will open up on your computer.  At this point, you need to find the pictures that you took of the item(s) you are listing.  We recommend that you save all the pictures of your item to the “Desktop”.  This will be the easiest place to find them. 
  3. Once you have selected your image, please be patient and allow time for the image to go from your computer, over the internet, to the Austin County Buy and Sell Server.  This could take a minute or two, depending on the size of the pictures you’re uploading.  The higher the quality of picture, the bigger the file size, the longer it takes to upload.
  4. Once you see a thumbnail of your item, you can upload the next picture of the item and continue adding images until you’ve reached your limit of 4 (if you have that many pictures).  
  5. Then click “Continue”.


Step 5 - Images

Step 6:  Review your listing to make sure that all the information on it is correct.  If something needs to be changed, simply hit the “Go Back” Button and you will be taken to the previous page where you can correct any errors.  If everything looks OK, then you should read the “Rules And Guidelines” of posting.  If you have no objections to them then you can select the “Proceed” button.  (click picture for larger view)

 Step 6 - Agree to the Rules and Guidelines

Your listing and pictures will now be processed and you can either refresh the page or click the “View your new ad listing” link at the bottom of the new page to see your ad.

THAT’S IT!  You should now be the proud owner of a new add on Austin County Buy and Sell!