Austin County Buy And Sell 101: How to Sell Successfully

Austin County Buy And Sell is a FREE tool that you should use to your advantage!  Selling your stuff on Austin County Buy And Sell is a good way to clear the clutter from your house, it can become a fun hobby, and it’s a great way to make a few extra bucks in the process.  But, many people have no clue how to successfully buy or sell items on online.   So, we are going to give you some tips on how to SELL successfully on Austin County Buy And Sell, You can read our other post on how to BUY successfully on Austin County Buy And Sell HERE.  So, here are some tips to help you successfully SELL on our site!

1. Post Good Photos:

This is listed first for a reason — because honestly, if you aren’t willing to take at least ONE GOOD photo, then don’t waste your time trying to sell something. Most people will not even contact you if you don’t post a photo. Or they will contact you asking for a photo!

It’s OK to post pictures from retail websites, but buyers want to see the actual item too…so you should post at least one picture of the actual item in your home. The photos don’t need to be top quality, just make sure they aren’t blurry, fuzzy, or too dark; this makes it look like you are trying to hide something.

2. Set a Reasonable Price:

We can not stress this enough. It doesn’t matter if your item is brand new, still in the box, never been used — it’s still NOT new from the store so you’re NOT going to get full price for it. In fact, if you really want to get rid of it quickly, you won’t even get close to full price for it.

Here’s an example an online seller gave in her dealings with online selling:

“Just last week, I sold  a brand new Kitchen Aid mixer (the Pro series) for a friend. It was a $350 mixer that had never been used. They got it as a gift, didn’t want it, but couldn’t return it. She told me that she wanted at least $200 for it… and within 12 hours, I had the mixer sold and she had cash in her pocket!  Sure, we maybe could have gotten $250 or even $275 for it if we were willing to wait several weeks and repost it again and again — but is it really worth all the extra time and effort for $50… especially since she didn’t pay anything for this mixer and wanted cash instead?  Also, I almost always say “or best offer” so the buyer knows that I’m ready to negotiate if he/she has a better offer. So for example, when I posted the Kitchen Aid mixer, I said “We’re asking $250 or best offer”. The buyer offered me $200 and said he could be to my house in 15 minutes. I said SOLD!”

The NUMBER ONE way to assure that your items sell quickly is to keep your prices reasonable. Think of what you would pay for the item at a garage sale, ask yourself if the item you are selling is in high demand, search Ebay and Craigslist ads to see what similar items are being sold for, and then set your price accordingly.

3. Create a Detailed Descriptions:

There is absolutely nothing more annoying to a buyer than clicking on an ad that looks promising, only to see a small blurry picture with the text:

“Table for sale.  $100.”

Vague descriptions like this make buyers wonder:  What kind of table? What brand name? What are the dimensions? Where did you purchase it from? What type of condition is it in? Are the chairs included or not? Does it have any expandable leaves? Can you provide more than one, tiny, blurry picture? Anything else you can tell me that would make me want to buy this table?

Whenever you list something, be as descriptive as you possibly can. Provide the size and/or measurements of every item you’re selling. Provide at least 2 photos {our site allows 3 photos}. List any defects or damages up-front. Disclose where you purchased it from, when you purchased it, or if you got it used from someone else. Include an link to the product or the website URL for the company you purchased it from.

The more information you give, the less emails you’ll get with 50 questions later. Plus, we guarantee you’ll sell the items much faster!

Here is the exact text that was posted for the Kitchen Aid Mix Master in the example above (It also included 4 photos)…

I have a brand new, KitchenAid Pro 500 Bowl Lift Stand Mixer that I am selling for a friend. She got it as a wedding gift this summer and doesn’t need it. She is unable to return it and would rather have the cash… so we’re selling it for a deal!

It is the metallic (silver) color and has the dough hook, whisk, and paddle attachments.

It sells for $359 (or more) in stores and on – We are asking $250 or best offer.

Here is a bit more information:

  • Powerful Motor and Metal Gears
  • Commercial-Style Motor Protection
  • Electronic Speed Sensor
  • Professional Bowl-Lift Design
  • All-Metal Construction
  • 5-Quart Stainless Steel Wide Bowl
  • 67-Point Planetary Mixing Action
  • 10-Speed Control
  • Multipurpose Hinged Attachment Hub

Here are the measurements:

  • Height = 16.5 in (41.9 cm)
  • Width = 11.3 in (28.7 cm)
  • Depth = 14.6 in (37.1 cm)
  • Cord Length = 50.8 in (129.0 cm)
  • Net Weight = 25.0 lbs (11.3 kg)
  • Motor Wattage = 325 watts

You can get more product information about this specific mixer here:

Cash only, no holds, and I will remove this listing immediately after the item is sold.
Thanks for looking — this is a gorgeous piece and would look great in any kitchen!


So as you can see, she provided a TON of information about this mixer to make it really easy for potential buyers to decide if it’s what they wanted or not. It only took about 15 minutes to put this information together, but it probably saved her over an hour of responding to emails asking her a bunch of questions.

4. List Your Location:

Even though Austin County has a small population, it’s helpful to let people know where the item they’re looking at is located.   We recommend that you do NOT include your home  address in your posts — except if you’re selling your home on the site.

If you are nervous about meeting at your home, you should still list your city/town. But then when people contact you, simply request to meet at a neutral location like a restaurant, gas station, bank, etc.

5. Provide Appropriate Contact Info:

There are lots of stories about online scams, but we promise, they are not as common as you may think. Be smart, but don’t be afraid to include your contact information in each post. 

Personally, we don’t include our phone numbers, but we are on the computer quite a bit; so if you are not someone who regularly checks your e-mail, it might be necessary to include the best number to contact you at.

Also, if you don’t want them to contact you {like for a garage sale posting} then you can just leave your contact information off

6. Create a Post Template:

If you are going to post multiple items in one day, then you’ll save a TON of time by creating a post template in Word or another similar program.

This is what a basic post template looks like:

We have a _______ for sale from a smoke-free, pet-free, very clean home in Hudsonville — near the 196 exit.

Then list specifics about the product including dimensions.




Size: {for clothing}


Where/When we purchased the item:

We are asking _____ or best offer, and will only accept cash. Please contact us with any questions or to come look at the product. We will not hold an item, but we WILL remove this post once it is sold.

Thanks for looking!

Short, concise, with only the information a buyer would need to make their decision. Plus, by saving this “template” as a Word document on your desktop, you can simply copy and paste… and then fill in the blanks. It save LOTS of time!

7. Be Available:

This might sound obvious, but if you plan to post several items, you’ll want to be available for the next 24-48 hours to answer e-mails and schedule pick up times.

Items have sold in less than 15 minutes – so be ready!

8. Don’t “Hold” an Item:

If your item is in high demand, you will often get several emails in the first hour or two. Many of them might ask you to “hold” the item until they can get to your house. Unfortunately, you can get burned by doing this.  People always have good intentions but, are horrible at follow through.

Simply sell your items on a first-come-first-serve basis. Whoever shows up with money first, wins!  This works well and you won’t get screwed over by no-shows or other irresponsible buyers.

9. Save Your Emails:

Even if you have an interested buyer who seems promising, always save the e-mails of others who want to buy the same item. Then, if the first buyer is a no-show (which can happen), you have several other e-mails to fall back on.

Most email programs allow you to create what are called “labels” where you can dump all your ACBS emails so they don’t clutter up your Inbox but you can still reference them if you need to.  If you use gmail (which we do), here is how to create labels in that email program.  Creating a label in Gmail  If you do not use gmail, most programs have instructions online on how to create labels or new folders in your respective email program.

We hope this information helps and we hope you have fun buying and selling on Austin County Buy And Sell!!!